mōziware cımō accessories

Choose from a range of accessories for mōziware cımō smart glasses to enhance protection against damage or expand the use of your device.

Powerbank (5000 mAh)

An external powerbank is used to charge the cımō device. It significantly extends its time of use. It is designed to be attached to the hard hat or workband and connects to the device with a USB-C cable.


The adjustable headband is specially designed for comfortable all-day use of the cımō device. It provides a secure fit and comfortable wear throughout the entire shift, without the need to put on the hard hat or cap.

Accessory clip

The clip simply snaps onto the workband and is used to attach additional accessories (e.g. the powerbank, LTE modem, etc.).

Hard hat clips (for attaching the cımō device)

Used to attach the cımō device to the MSA V-Gard safety helmet. Two clips are included (universal for left and right side).

Helmet clips (for attaching the accessories)

Used to attach additional accessories to the MSA V-Gard safety helmet (e.g. the power bank, LTE modem, etc.). The clip is universal for left and right side.

Multifunctional tool belt

Designed to be worn as a regular work belt. Used to store accessories such as the powerbank, LTE modem, USB cable, etc.

USB fast charger

Used to charge the cımō model. Charging cable is not included.

Protective carrying case

The case is used to transport the mōziware cımō and its accessories. It is made of high-quality waterproof with zipper closure.