Vuzix Accessories

Choose from a range of accessories for Vuzix smart glasses to enhance protection against damage or expand the use of your device.

Protective carrying case

Zippered case with custom foam insert to safely store the M400 & M4000 Smart Glasses , M-Series On-Frame Battery, 1pair of frames, plus zippered pockets to organize cables, adapters, and some additional accessories. (Note –included in original M-Series Smart Glasses Kit).

M-Series headband

Adjustable headband fits any head size comfortably while providing a stable mounting of the M-Series Smart Glasses. Elastic headband is lined for comfort and holds an M-Series On-Frame Battery mount on one side and a single custom Vuzix rail mount on the other side, allowing for left or right eye use.

External battery

The durable 10,050 mAh external battery is designed for 8 – 10 hours of use on a single charge. Lightweight and pocket-sized, dual USB output and 4 LEDs to indicate charging status. The package also includes a long micro-USB cable and a mounting clip for belts or straps. Multi-unit charging stations also available.

Powerbank M400

The M400 Powerbank is designed specifically for use with our M400 smart glasses. Vuzix’s unique design allows users to swap out the powerbank on the fly, meaning no interruptions while changing the battery. With a 1000 mAh capacity (2-5 hours of operation) and IP67 rating, this replacement battery can be worn with all variants of the M Series head mounts.

USB charging cable

The USB charging cable can be plugged directly into the battery no matter which side of the head the user places it on. This replacement cable is used to charge the M-Series On-Frame battery by connecting the USB cable to a computer or to a wall charging brick (not included).

M-Series hat mount

Clips are custom designed to attach M-Series smart glasses to a safety helmet or most types of caps. They provide a stable attachment for the M-Series smart glasses. It features an M-Series On-Frame battery holder on one side and a Vuzix glasses holder on the other side. The mounts are interchangeable, allowing you to choose the display placement on the right or left eye.

M-Series on-frame battery

The specially designed 860 mAh battery (2-5 hours of operation) can be used in combination with the M-Series smart glasses. It perfectly balances the smart glasses on all Vuzix frames. Includes a micro-USB charging port, power button, three LED lights to indicate charge status and a USB input in case an external Wi-Fi device is required. The battery is replaceable on fly.