Almer Arc 2

Almer Arc 2 smart glasses are designed for clear and effective communication and use in a variety of environments. They are equipped with a high quality auto-focus camera to capture details during workflows. Thanks to the specially designed microphones, you can be sure of perfect communication without any restrictions even in noisy environments. The ultra-compact design with an easy-on headband and padding ensures comfortable wear all day long.

Crystal clear display

This patented transparent AR display allows you to see every detail of drawings, small text and technical designs.

Top camera quality

25Mpx camera with autofocus, zoom, wide angle, zoom, low light with built-in flashlight and privacy light./p>

Ultra-compact solution

It fits in every pocket and offers extended defence in all conditions – outdoors and indoors – without compromising on performance and portability.


An almost imperceptible and very lightweight device that you hardly notice on your face. The glasses are designed for comfort and ease of use.

Get the technological advantage with the Almer Arc 2 smart glasses at a discounted price from €149/month!

Do you need to efficiently solve day-to-day technical problems, communicate with external vendors and provide remote support?

The discounted price is valid until 30.6.2024.

Solutions of Almer Arc 2

Connect with experts in real-time from anywhere with optimized video collaboration apps, including the popular and widely available Microsoft Teams.
Let remote experts “see what you see”. Troubleshoot problems and follow their instructions.
Increase productivity, reduce downtime, and save time and travel costs.
Perform audits, inspections, acceptance testing, validation, and commissioning of new equipment remotely in real time.
By eliminating the need to travel, you’ll save costs and reduce decision-making and implementation timelines.
Gain access to digital workflows and employee training guidelines.
Capture and document work steps and create complete checklists by using a 100% voice-controlled user interface.
Increase efficiency and productivity while reducing operational errors.
Share in real-time all the critical data needed to operate, inspect or maintain equipment, including contextually relevant information, with a simple user interface.
Capture photos and videos even in hard-to-reach places. 48MP camera with improved zoom and excellent low-light performance enables fast scanning of barcodes and QR codes, easy capture of serial numbers, etc. in sharp detail.
The camera can be easily exchanged for another type of accessory, which can be for example a thermal camera.

Technical specifications

Operating system

Almer OS (Android compatible)




4 GB RAM, 64 GB Internal flash memory, 1800 mAh internal battery


179 g

Dedicated ports for buttons

3 interactive and programable buttons
Voice control with speech engine
Almer Companion app on Android and iOS

Operating temperatutere, humidity

-35°C to 50°C, 10% to 80% non-condensing


1080p monocular full HD color
22° deg diagonal FOV, 0.49 inch diagonal
1080p monocular full HD color
50000 : 1 contrast ratio
DCI-P3, 95% color accuracy


4k at 30fps, 1080p at 60fps Codecs: h264, hevc, mpeg4-sw, vp8, vp9, vc1, div4/5/6-sw, h263-sw, mpeg2

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