Success Stories

Innovative smart glasses technology revolutionises vision picking and logistics
Replacing traditional technologies with modern options for optimal working conditions for pickers.
Streamline remote production auditing like Lear Corporation
The widespread use of smart glasses helps to significantly save travel costs, improve training or visualize 3D models
Increase the quality of maintenance with digitization like the Mondi Group
Smart glasses also work reliably in production, which is characterised by high noise and dust levels, and improve working conditions for maintenance teams


Types of Smart Glasses

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    Streamline your work with Magic Leap 2

    Streamline your work with Magic Leap 2Modern technology constantly shifts the boundaries and possibilities in the workplace. One of the innovations in our portfolio is the smart glasses, Magic Leap…

    New thermal camera module for the RealWear Navigator™ smart glasses

    The thermal camera module is a dual-camera unit that includes both a standard 48MP sensor and a temperature sensor. With the ability to seamlessly switch between the visible spectrum and infrared radiation, it allows you to capture the thermal characteristics of the surrounding environment.