Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro is a revolutionary artificial intelligence, image processing and augmented reality device. It offers unprecedented image quality and performance, opening the door for developers and engineers to bring their ambitious projects to life. It combines state-of-the-art hardware, including a high-end processor and advanced sensors, and supports a wide range of inputs – from precise tracking of hand and eye movements to voice commands and intuitive gesture control.

Using the latest machine learning algorithms, it can recognize objects, faces and text with high accuracy and speed. These glasses are not limited to image analysis, but are capable of integrating interactive features such as gesture recognition and motion tracking.

Apple Vision Pro smart glasses allow you to connect the digital and physical worlds like never before, giving you the ability to view information, charts, instructions, or even 3D models right in your environment without taking your eyes off the real world. With Apple Vision Pro, your hands are free and your creative and work processes are more fluid and intuitive. This technology opens the door to endless possibilities where creativity meets technology, revolutionising the way you work, learn and communicate.

Ergonomic design for long-term wear

Apple Vision Pro is designed with ergonomics and comfort in mind. Lightweight construction and materials allow users to enjoy an all-day augmented reality experience.

computing power

With the latest processor and high-capacity RAM, it handles the most demanding applications and AI algorithms for a smooth and realistic augmented reality experience.

optical system

Apple Vision Pro delivers a sharp and detailed visual experience even in low light, extending its usability.

Impressive imaging technology

With a larger, brighter, high-resolution, colour-rich display, Apple Vision Pro offers users an unforgettable visual experience and allows them to store content locally with extensive memory.

Apple Vision Pro smart glasses rental

Explore innovative options without immediately investing in your own Apple Vision Pro smart glasses.