Other Software

Check out other types of software that can be used as part of a remote communication solution or 3D data visualization in the real environment. Choosing the right software solution depends mainly on the intended use, the type of smart glasses and the current IT infrastructure.

Remote support software

One of the most common uses of smart glasses in industrial environments is remote collaboration. Software combined with smart glasses allows for immediate assistance with troubleshooting, service, maintenance and much more. Additionally, it is an ideal solution when travel is limited or to connect teams, regardless of where they are.

Software for 3D data visualization

The use of innovative 3D data visualization technology in the real environment is a current trend in the digitalization of industry. Software combined with smart glasses can work with your CAD data in augmented or mixed reality environments, taking the work of engineering or design teams to the next level (e.g. prototyping, production planning, quality control or technical training).