Magic Leap 2

Simplify your work and gain a new dimension of productivity with the innovative Magic Leap 2 smart glasses that revolutionise the way you interact with the digital world. With advanced sensors and a powerful processor, the device supports multiple inputs. For example, hand and eye tracking, voice commands and for tasks requiring greater precision is available the Magic Leap 2 Controller. You can track objects directly in your field of view and follow the task at hand while viewing data, plans, instructions or 3D models. Your hands are free and your work becomes even more comfortable. The smart glasses are lightweight and ergonomically shaped, this ensures comfortable wearing all the time while working. Magic Leap 2 opens the door to completely new ways of working and communicating.

High performance

Improved ergonomic design and construction ensure comfortable daily use for work in any field.

Increase productivity

With information right in your field of view, you minimize the need to switch between different devices.

Intuitive control

Hand and eye tracking, voice commands and the Magic Leap 2 Controller.

See more. Do more.

Magic Leap 2 allows you to see a bigger screen with a field of view of up to 70° and explore even the smallest details.

What are the differences between the Magic Leap 2 Base Edition, Magic Leap 2 Developer Pro and Magic Leap 2 Enterprise Edition?

If you already have an application or software in use, the Magic Leap 2 Base Edition is an excellent fit for your needs. This model, while being the entry-level version, still packs advanced specifications and innovative features suitable for augmented reality (AR) applications. However, if your focus is on developing bespoke AR software solutions, the Magic Leap 2 Developer Pro version is a more apt choice. This edition grants access to early-stage business functionalities, exclusive updates for developers, and specific Magic Leap templates. For those in need of more comprehensive support, the Magic Leap 2 Enterprise Edition is the way to go. It offers all the developer-centric features of the Developer Pro version, but adds the benefit of an extended two-year warranty and promises expedited free repair or replacement services, typically within 1-2 business days.

Solutions of Magic Leap 2

Connect with experts in real-time from anywhere with optimized video collaboration apps, including the popular and widely available Microsoft Teams.
Let remote experts “see what you see”. Troubleshoot problems and follow their instructions.
Increase productivity, reduce downtime, and save time and travel costs.
Perform audits, inspections, acceptance testing, validation, and commissioning of new equipment remotely in real time.
By eliminating the need to travel, you’ll save costs and reduce decision-making and implementation timelines.
Gain access to digital workflows and employee training guidelines.
Capture and document work steps and create complete checklists by using a 100% voice-controlled user interface.
Increase efficiency and productivity while reducing operational errors.
Share in real-time all the critical data needed to operate, inspect or maintain equipment, including contextually relevant information, with a simple user interface.
Work with 3D models created in CAD programs in the context of the real environment.
Place 3D objects in the real world, grasp and move them in a natural way.
Whether it’s product design, project engineering, production auditing, machine ergonomics and safety inspection, design flaw detection, production planning, prototyping, or employee training, Magic Leap 2 mixed reality offers an effective solution.

Technická specifikace


1440 x 1760 pixel resolution


12,6 Mp

Spatial Audio

4 Microphones
2 Built-in Stereo Speakers


AMD 7nm Zen 2 x86-64


Magic Leap OS / Android™ Open Source Project (AOSP) based


256 GB


16 GB


260 g

Additional Input Modals

Eye Tracking, voice Input, gestures & hand Tracking


3,5 hrs