Services and Support

For smart glasses with augmented reality to truly benefit both employees and the business, it’s not enough to just buy whatever hardware and software is available on the market.

The options for digitizing production and company operations with smart glasses vary greatly, as does the knowledge of the employees responsible for implementation. At AYES, we are aware of this and therefore offer different levels of service to our customers – from initial familiarization with the technology, through analysis of production processes, to assistance with implementation projects on a global level.

Assistance with selecting the right hardware and software

Are you planning to purchase smart glasses for your business but unsure which hardware and software solution is the best for your needs? We are suppliers of most of the hardware and software solutions on the market and have extensive experience with implementation to industrial companies, even on a global level. If you are interested, we also provide follow-up training for your staff, even as online training.

Intro to the topic

Most of the customers are not exactly sure on the first contact how they can use smart glasses and augmented reality. However, this is completely understandable, because there are many options for where and how to implement the technology in an industrial company.

Order our services and get your first experience with mixed and augmented reality. Our specialists will visit you, bring along several models of smart glasses for demo and explain everything in detail.

Analysis of production processes

Do you want to evaluate the real possibilities of using smart glasses and augmented reality in your company, but are not familiar with the possibilities on the market? Would you like to test different applications? Our specialists will visit you, walk through your entire production with you to identify the areas with the highest potential, and then develop an in-depth analysis. This is the only way you will be able to make the right decisions about where technology makes sense and where it doesn’t.

XR workshop

Have you already selected the area where you want to use the smart glasses with augmented reality, but don’t know which type of hardware and software will be most appropriate? Based on your request for a specific production area, we will come to you and present all available solutions. We’ll bring along multiple hardware and software so you can try everything out and compare the differences between the technologies yourself. The XR workshop normally takes 1 working day, including preparing demos already with your data.

Smart glasses rental and testing

Have you gone through our XR workshop, are you clear about which smart glasses you want to use and for which activity, but are still hesitant to take the plunge? You don’t have to buy the solution you’re considering right away to test it. We can even rent it for an adequate period of time so that you have time to think over, test it at various workplaces and demonstrate it internally to all potentially interested departments (production, service, maintenance, IT, etc.). Throughout the entire period, we are fully available to answer all your questions. The outcome of the testing should also be the selection of the most suitable workplace to run the POC.


POC at the selected workplace will allow to test the use of smart glasses in real operation. Our team will support you in defining, designing, implementing and reviewing the solution that best suits your needs. The standard pilot period is 1-3 months and all employees at the selected workplace will receive proper initial training. This phase includes a final evaluation against pre-determined and agreed criteria, including feedback from users. These findings are then used and taken into account when deciding on permanent deployment to the process.

Implementation and standardisation

If the pilot run and the selected solution meet your expectations, we will then help you with implementation and standardization into the company structure and processes, or with expansion to other company sites, even on a global level. Our company has successfully implemented several projects with major international companies.

Employee training

All employees who will be working with smart glasses and augmented reality will be properly trained by our experts to prevent improper use that could negatively affect the success of the project. Subsequently, smart glasses can be included as a standard training tool when recruiting new employees. Preparing content is really simple and requires no special IT knowledge.

Service contracts

Our service contracts are prepared in several levels of technical support. All customers under a service contract are guaranteed maximum availability of our specialists, express replacement of hardware in case of failure, fast and professional intervention and appropriate solution of every problem throughout the entire cooperation.

Integration with ERP, WMS, MES, asset management or field service applications

The full potential of smart glasses depends on the depth of their integration into enterprise systems and applications. Only then will the technology become a fully-fledged part of the digitization of the enterprise. Our company will help you conduct an analysis that defines all relevant connection options