Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2

Work smarter, faster and safer. Increase the quality of your employees’ work output with Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2. The glasses are controlled either by touch using a small touchpad or by voice, and all information is displayed to the user on a transparent screen. This means the user has both hands free to work at all times. In addition, the glasses are very lightweight, so there is no problem wearing them throughout the shift without having to put them away. They are therefore not only suitable for use in production, maintenance or logistics, but also, for example, in the healthcare sector.

High-quality video and live streaming

The built-in 8MP camera with 83° field of view can take high-resolution photos and videos.

Enhanced device performance

The Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1 processor delivers stable and sufficient performance for use in industrial companies.

Intuitive controls

Input tasks by using voice prompts or the touch sensors on the side of the device (the touchpad).

High level of security

Built on the Android open source platform, which allows fast and easy software development.

Solutions of Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2

Indulge in remote support throughout the day that’s extra comfortable to wear all day long.
The titanium frame ensures a lightweight device that looks just like traditional dioptric glasses.
Battery life is up to 8 hours.
Access visual workflows and instructions to make assembly, installation or service intervention easier and faster.
View individual steps directly on your smart glasses and have both hands free to work.
Streamline your logistics and order picking process with smart glasses that maximize productivity and minimize errors.
Increase your efficiency too, compared to lengthy processes with traditional handheld scanners.
Build the warehouse of future, digitize it.

Technical specifications


640 x 360 px RGB display


8MP, 1080p 30fps video


Three microphones creating an array


Qualcomm XR1


32 GB


3 GB


51 grams (including frame)


Touchpad, voice instructions

Battery life

Up to 8 hours

IP protection

IP 53

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