Remote Support

Provide frontline workers with real-time support

Smart glasses with mixed or augmented reality enable real-time remote assistance and support to i.e. service or maintenance teams who can benefit from the feedback and information from a remote expert. Similarly, the glasses can be used during a production audit, factory tour, equipment acceptance or installation.

Collaborate in real time

All participants in a video call can see all the smart glasses wearer sees from his or her perspective during the live session. This brings entirely new possibilities to the cooperation between workers or the whole teams, resulting in major savings in service and maintenance costs, increased quality and efficiency and minimized risk of production downtime.

Share files

Technicians often need to refer to production manuals, schematics, etc. With just a click, remote experts can send a file (wiring diagram, manual, etc.) directly to the smart glasses display. If necessary, additional instructions can also be plotted on the shared documents.

Record sessions

All the worker´s activities can also be easily recorded by using the smart glasses and the recording can be used in the future for various purposes, i.e. to quality check or to training materials for new employees. It is also possible to generate a PDF report immediately after the video call with a complete record of the information discussed in the session.

The main advantages

Real-time sharing of information and data between the production worker and the expert at the computer
Faster response to problems and minimized production downtime
Useful even during a remote production audit, factory inspection, equipment acceptance or installation
Significant reduction of travel costs of an expensive expert commuting from abroad
Possibility to record all worker´s activities and generate PDF reports directly from the collected data
Effective collaboration even in case of sudden situations preventing travel
Certified security protection and end-to-end encryption to ensure the highest level of call protection

Benefits of use


shorter vehicle service times at dealers

By using smart glasses technology, vehicle repairs are completed 75% faster, customer satisfaction is increased, and the diagnostic process is streamlined. 


less CO2 caused by service call-out

A 93% increase in repair efficiency in the workshop and a reduction in the amount of CO2 emitted into the air are the result of incorporating smart glasses and remote support services into daily operations.


cost savings per specialist call-out

The start-up of the newly installed machine in production was carried out completely without the participation of a specialist from the supplier at the installation site. Everything was done via smart glasses.


operating sites around the world connected

The 24 operating plants of a petroleum company in 12 countries around the world can share maintenance information and collaborate remotely, even in hazardous environments. 

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Success stories

Streamline remote production auditing like Lear Corporation
The widespread use of smart glasses helps to significantly save travel costs, improve training or visualize 3D models
Increase the quality of maintenance with digitization like the Mondi Group
Smart glasses also work reliably in production, which is characterised by high noise and dust levels, and improve working conditions for maintenance teams
Reduce production downtime to a minimum just like CEZ Group
Higher productivity of service teams with smart glasses leads to shorter technological equipment downtime and significant savings.

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