RealWear Navigator™ 500

Spustit 360°

Increase the quality and productivity of your employees with a quick return on your initial investment. RealWear Navigator™ 500 smart glasses are a premium assisted and augmented reality product that is tailored to the needs of frontline workers. The glasses use the latest technology, both in terms of hardware and software, that you can rely on even in the most demanding industrial production environments.

Hands-free and comfortable

Work comfortably all day and easily change the battery on the fly without losing a minute of work.

Revolutionary design

The great adaptability of the device increases efficiency and quality and allows use in most industries.

Remote support

Increase productivity, save on travel costs and reduce downtime with smart glasses.

High level of security

Certified security, end-to-end encryption and device management capabilities in enterprise software (Microsoft Intune).

Solutions of RealWear Navigator™ 500

Connect with experts in real-time from anywhere with optimized video collaboration apps, including the popular and widely available Microsoft Teams.
Let remote experts “see what you see”. Troubleshoot problems and follow their instructions.
Increase productivity, reduce downtime, and save time and travel costs.
Perform audits, inspections, acceptance testing, validation, and commissioning of new equipment remotely in real time.
By eliminating the need to travel, you’ll save costs and reduce decision-making and implementation timelines.
Gain access to digital workflows and employee training guidelines.
Capture and document work steps and create complete checklists by using a 100% voice-controlled user interface.
Increase efficiency and productivity while reducing operational errors.
Share in real-time all the critical data needed to operate, inspect or maintain equipment, including contextually relevant information, with a simple user interface.
Capture photos and videos even in hard-to-reach places. 48MP camera with improved zoom and excellent low-light performance enables fast scanning of barcodes and QR codes, easy capture of serial numbers, etc. in sharp detail.
The camera can be easily exchanged for another type of accessory, which can be for example a thermal camera.