LASCAM systems

Year of realization: 2020

Industry: Laser solutions for industry and science

Country: Czech republic

Customer’s website:

Key benefits:

Increasing the efficiency of the service team and services
Increasing customer satisfaction
Acceleration of knowledge transfer in the team and training of junior technicians
Faster problem diagnosis and repairs

Thanks to remote collaboration, the efficiency of the LASCAM service team increased by 40%

The increasing complexity of equipment and processes requires a highly specialized workforce and ongoing collaboration between vendors and customers to maintain and optimize equipment in the field. Therefore, LASCAM tries to bring possibilities to make its service services more efficient and increase customer satisfaction.

Smart glasses with augmented reality allow service technicians to cooperate in real time, regardless of where they are. Thanks to this, the efficiency of the service team increased by up to 40%. At the same time, it brings customers not only reduced service costs, but also faster diagnosis of problems and reduced resolution time.

Benefits for LASCAM system:

Increase the efficiency of the service team and services
Improved communication with partners
Increased customer satisfaction
Accelerate problem identification and resolution
Immediate return on investment
Video recording of service intervention
Real-time sharing of service procedures between teams
Experience with new technology
Acceleration of knowledge transfer within the team and training of junior technicians

Benefits for customers:

Reduced costs due to shorter problem resolution time
Video record of service intervention
Reduction of external service team response time and production downtime
Faster diagnosis of problems and repairs
Quality control
Increase First-time-fix-rate