Vuzix M400

Speed up work, reduce errors, accelerate the onboarding process of new employees, and provide service and maintenance immediately and without the direct involvement of a specialist in the field. Vuzix M400 smart glasses are made for work and use in production, field service and warehouse logistics. They can be operated by voice instructions as well as by touch. Thanks to the special buttons, they are easy to use even when wearing work gloves. The smart glasses have a fairly robust construction that can withstand a fall from two meters, while meeting the IP67 standard for dust and water resistance. The M400 model is very similar in equipment to the Vuzix M4000, from which it differs mainly in the display.

Wearable throughout the shift

Ergonomic design and comfort for all-day, durable, waterproof construction for use in industrial environments.

Camera and focusing

4K video and 12.8 MP camera footage. Allows easy remote diagnostic of failures and greater work efficiency.

Extensive field of view

A field of view (up to 16.8°) that gives the user the feeling of seeing the tablet hovering right in front of their face.

Higher power

Higher power thanks to the Qualcomm XR1 8-core 2.52 GHz processor, more RAM and data storage.

Solutions of Vuzix 400

Connect your employees in the workplace or in the field with support when they need it.
With live video streaming, others can see exactly what you see, in real time.
Paper records from quality checks or manual recording of findings leave room for error and allow defects to go uncorrected.
When integrated with a quality management system, Vuzix smart glasses can improve the quality assurance process by allowing inspectors to pull up checklists, use AR overlays to detect defects, call other technicians, and instantly send their findings.
Connect with experts in real-time from anywhere with optimized video collaboration apps.
Share useful information and contribute to the empowerment of workers, technicians and employees.
Enable logistics staff to pick orders with unprecedented convenience, speed and efficiency.
Voice-controlled displays feature integrated barcode scanners and allow workers to view inventory data out of the corner of their eye.
Vuzix smart glasses are ultra-lightweight and designed for all-day comfort, enhancing workplace safety and worker satisfaction.

Technical specifications


Qualcomm XR1 8-core processor at 2.52 GHz
64 GB internal flash memory
Android 9.0 operating system
OS and apps can be updated OTA
MDM available from multiple partners


Display resolution: nHD colour display
Display Type: OLED
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Field of view (diagonal): 16.8°
Brightness: > 2000 nits
Contrast: > 10,000:1


Internal 135 mAh battery supports external battery replacement during operation
750 mAh USB-C battery with IP67 certification and three-stage LED indicator (Longevity Series) or 3,350 mAh USB-C power bank (Extended Series)
Can be powered by third-party USB batteries instead of the head battery
2-12 hours of operation depending on choice of external battery


Three noise-canceling microphones
Integrated speaker (up to 97 dB output)
BT audio: HSP/A2DP


Up to 4k video
Up to 12.8 megapixel photos
Enhanced autofocus (PDAF)
Barcode scanning
LED flash/scene lighting


USB 3.1 Gen 2 to USB Type-C
Wi-Fi 2,4/5Ghz 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Bluetooth 5.0 BR/EDR/LE

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