mōziware cımō

The mōziware cımō smart glasses can be used in a wide range of industries. They bring new collaboration, data collection and visual guidance possibilities, extending the reach and capabilities of frontline workers and turning every user into an expert. This leads to increased productivity, improved safety, optimized workflows and reduced costs.

Lightweight and durable solution

Lightweight, compact and easily portable design with easily expandable battery capacity.

Wide range of connectivity options

Easy connectivity to enterprise systems, over 200 Android apps or IoT devices.

High resolution

HDR cameras for better visibility and perspective and intuitive voice control for hands-free operation.

High level of security

Highest security level to protect calls and use fingerprint recognition technology for authentication.

Solutions of mōziware cımō

Collaborate in real time via video or voice call.
Smart technology enables users to work smarter, faster and safer.
Perform audits, inspections, service, acceptance testing, validation and commissioning of new equipment remotely in real time.
Review procedures and evaluate results via a 16MP zoom camera.
By eliminating the need to travel, you’ll save costs and reduce decision-making and implementation timelines.
Reduce downtime by speeding up troubleshooting, repairs and training while optimizing workflows, improving performance and reducing costs.
Connect with experts in real-time from anywhere with optimized video collaboration apps.
Communicate actionable information to create more skilled workers, technicians and employees.
Optimize warehouse and delivery routes to speed up lead times and leverage barcode scanning and image capture technology to reduce errors and confirm picking accuracy.