Success Stories

We have successfully implemented dozens of projects in more than thirty countries around the world and you can read about the most important ones below. Get inspired by real examples of how companies are using  smart glasses with augmented reality to achieve higher quality and efficiency in different parts of industrial production.

LINAPLAST at the cutting edge of innovation: Using XR technology for advanced 3D visualisation
Comprehensive XR solution for detailed 3D visualization of large and complex machines without time-consuming data preparation or conversion
Effective operator training and process accuracy with smart glasses
Introducing smart glasses into the employee training process and ensuring the correctness of machine maintenance procedures.
Innovative smart glasses technology revolutionises vision picking and logistics
Replacing traditional technologies with modern options for optimal working conditions for pickers.
Take a modern approach to training production operators like Continental Automotive Czech Republic
3D digital instructions displayed via smart glasses have a major impact on the speed of training operators on the new production line.
Streamline remote production auditing like Lear Corporation
The widespread use of smart glasses helps to significantly save travel costs, improve training or visualize 3D models
Increase the quality of maintenance with digitization like the Mondi Group
Smart glasses also work reliably in production, which is characterised by high noise and dust levels, and improve working conditions for maintenance teams
Reduce production downtime to a minimum just like CEZ Group
Higher productivity of service teams with smart glasses leads to shorter technological equipment downtime and significant savings.
Reduce costs and increase the efficiency of your service team according to LASCAM systems
The service team has increased its efficiency by up to 40% thanks to smart glasses that allow technicians to collaborate remotely in real time.
Simplify communication for key personnel in the maintenance of technology as in Vitesco technologies
Thanks to smart glasses, maintenance workers have their hands free to work and can communicate remotely with experts from abroad.
Simplify the collaboration of your technicians with service partners around the world like Heneken Group
Smart glasses have helped in several areas. For example, they have reduced service time and thus downtime in production or enabled the installation of new technology without the physical presence of a supplier from abroad.
Ease the acceptance of complex equipment and machinery with smart glasses like in HF Slovakia
The main aim of the project was to enable easy communication during equipment acceptance, recovery and maintenance. In addition, to reduce time-consuming travel and provide immediate remote support.
Use smart glasses in the medical environment, increase productivity and maintain quality like at the Clinical Research Center
Real-time remote connectivity via smart glasses between the clinical trial coordinator in the doctor's office and the procurement team helps save resources and increases transparency and productivity.