Hololight Space

Hololight Space allows engineers to visualize and work with 3D CAD data in augmented reality and mixed reality. Not only to manage the visualization of 3D CAD data, it also allows engineers and industrial designers to view, interact and share visualizations of 3D CAD data with others in real time. This takes prototyping, production planning, quality control and technical education (training) to the next level.

Simply load your files and work on your 3D models displayed as holograms in real space. From creating cross-sections to highlighting product parts to breaking them down into individual parts; all CAD file components are at your disposal. There is no need to prepare (resize, etc.) the 3D CAD data before uploading. The software supports all commonly available file formats (CATpart, STEP, JT, OBJ, FBX, etc.) from any CAD software (Catia, Solidworks, Siemens, Autodesk).

Solutions of software Hololight Space

3D data visualization 

for accurate and efficient work in the real world or virtual reality
Visualization of 3D CAD models in a real world
Working with full model structure
Training with digital models
Control of ergonomics and safety of machines
Increase productivity in machine design and prototyping
Improved design error detection through real-size visualization
Sales & marketing support

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