Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist allows technicians using smart glasses to connect to a remote co-worker using the same software or Microsoft Teams (desktop or mobile). They can share what they see with the remote collaborator and work together to solve problems faster using live video calls, mixed reality annotations and high-resolution images.

Solutions of software Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist

Remote support

for immediate support of your employees and customers
Remote service interventions in cooperation with the supplier
Repairs of critical devices
Training of new employees
Installation of new devices
Technology acceptance
Factory tours
Possibility to combine with 3D data visualization (3D model presentation via Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist)

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Success stories

Streamline remote production auditing like Lear Corporation
The widespread use of smart glasses helps to significantly save travel costs, improve training or visualize 3D models