Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides is an app with mixed reality for smart glasses Microsoft HoloLens 2 that helps operators learn on the job by providing holographic guidance whenever it is needed. This information is visually linked to the work location and can include images, videos and 3D holographic models.

You don’t need any special 3D programming skills to work with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides.

Solutions of software Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides

Digital workflows 

right in front of the operator‘s field of view
Digital hands-free work instructions
Regular maintenance tasks
Assembly instructions and workflows
Quality control
Regular inspections
Ability to call an expert in case of process problems

3D data visualization 

for accurate and efficient work in the real world or virtual reality
Visualization of 3D CAD models in a real world
Training with digital models
View detailed workflows in 3D

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