Software for Logistics

There is already a large amount of software on the market that is used in the field of logistics. We provide easy integration with SAP or other commonly used ERP and WMS systems.


SAP is the leader in enterprise application software in helping companies of all sizes and in all industries perform better by redefining ERP and creating smart business networks that deliver transparency, resilience and sustainability across supply chains.

At AYES, we can easily display data and customize the functionalities and interface of a WMS into a pair of glasses or any device.

How does it work?

Employees receive warehouse orders directly into their smart glasses from SAP/WMS and completed tasks can be synchronized in real time back into SAP.

Warehouse orders can also be dynamically sent to workers to respond immediately to sales order changes. Data is transferred back to SAP in real time to allow for continuous verification and process optimization.

The glasses can be connected to other devices such as scanning rings to speed up process and make scanning individual items comfortable.

Key benefits

Voice control provides hands-free working
All information visible on the display (warehouse location, product photo, quantity, product name, storage location, etc.)
Facilitating the validation process
Increased process speed and productivity
Improving data accuracy and quality
Reduction of error rate

Interface example

View directly into SAP