Epson Moverio

Binocular smart glasses designed for industrial environments and commercial use.


Moverio series from EPSON, a leading manufacturer of projection technology, are binocular smart glasses with a transparent display that shows information in the center of the worker’s field of view.

Models differ in technical parameters, robustness and their primary focus – commercial or industrial.

  • Transparent binocular display
  • Possibility of use in non-industrial sectors (culture, leisure, …)
  • Lower material quality
  • Touch controller
  • Glasses and controller connected with a cable
  • Ergonomics and comfort
  • Wide frames

BT-2000, BT-2200

Binocular smart glasses with a transparent display and durable construction designed for industrial environments. They are equipped with an HD display to display detailed information, IP54 certification and have ability to create user interfaces using head and hand tracking.

BT-300, BT-350

The device is not suitable for use in industrial environments, primarily designed for commercial use, such as providing experiences for visitors in culture, museums, etc. They are controlled by a touch touchpad and button controller, which is connected to the glasses by a cable.