New thermal camera module for the RealWear Navigator™ smart glasses

The thermal camera module is a dual-camera unit that includes both a standard 48MP sensor and a temperature sensor. With the ability to seamlessly switch between the visible spectrum and infrared radiation, it allows you to capture the thermal characteristics of the surrounding environment. Connect the module to your RealWear Navigator™ smart glasses and provide an unrivaled hands-free experience.

Developed by FLIR

The RealWear thermal camera module was developed by FLIR, the world’s leading manufacturer of infrared products. The thermal camera module offers five modes including FLIR’s patented Teledyne MSX®, which adds visible light detail to thermal images for even greater detail. Once you get your image, you can take your thermography to the next level with the FLIR Thermal Studio Suite.

Visual – thermal mode 1

Mixed – thermal modes 2/3

Thermal – thermal mode 4

MSX® – Thermal Mode 5

Why choose this module?

  • Easy-to-use voice guidance and rugged construction / IP66+ technology from Teledyne FLIR – a global leader in thermal technology.
  • Multiple cameras in one module; part of your RealWear toolkit to take with you wherever you go.
  • It provides a cost-effective solution while providing a premium build so you can increase your return on investment.

Are you interested in a new model of thermal camera?