Smart Glasses Rental: a step into the world of augmented and mixed reality

Industrial companies are constantly looking for innovative ways to optimize their processes and increase efficiency. In today’s digital age, the usage of modern technologies is becoming more important, such as smart glasses, which open the world of augmented and mixed reality. One of the approaches we offer is the rental of these glasses and testing within the work process.

Advantages of rental

Renting smart glasses brings several advantages. One of the key factors is the opportunity to explore innovative technology without the immediate investment in buying smart glasses. This is important for companies that want to better understand the implementation of these glasses into their processes, thereby enhancing efficiency and work quality.

Which smart glasses we offer?

Within our portfolio, you will find a various range of smart glasses with high resolution and intuitive controls. Companies have the opportunity to select glasses that best suit their needs. Our offer includes the top products in the market as the RealWear Navigator or HoloLens 2. Find all the glasses we provide here.

Trial Period and Expert Support

The rental of smart glasses comes with an appropriate trial period during which it is possible to test how the technology works in real work operations. We provide expert support and advice in selecting the best solution and the most suitable technology.

Apart from purchase of smart glasses, rental also presents an excellent way for industrial companies to enter the world of augmented reality with minimal entry risk. At AYES, we become partners in the journey towards modernization not only with technology but also the necessary know-how.