RealWear introduces the new model RealWear Navigator 520

The RealWear Navigator™ 520 is the latest rugged augmented reality solution designed to empower and improve the performance of service and maintenance teams.

Some types of smart glasses had a harder-to-read display in certain cases of use, which limited their use. However, RealWear is now launching the new Navigator 520 model, which has an even better display than the Navigator 500 and allows you to see all the necessary details even in difficult conditions.

Thanks to the 20% larger display, you can see information more clearly, and twice the resolution allows you to see text, images and diagrams in even more detail. The amazing modular 48Mpx camera sensor provides great performance even in low light. You can also replace it with a thermal camera module (not included in delivery).

Video for more information

The RealWear Navigator™ 520 smart glasses are a premium assisted and augmented reality product tailored to the needs of frontline workers. They allow you to use the latest technologies, both in terms of hardware and software, which can be relied on even in the most demanding conditions of industrial production.

Are you interested in the new RealWear Navigator™ 520 model?