Work Instructions

intuitive workflows right in front of the operator‘s field of view

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  • Regular maintenance tasks

  • Assembly instructions and workflows

  • Quality control

  • Regular inspections

  • Training

  • Logistics and warehouse management

  • Instructions for solving service problems

Examples of Use


  • Accelerated onboarding of new employees
  • Reduced training time
  • Increased efficiency and quality of training
  • Immediate access to training resources and instructions
  • Improved quality control during training
  • Continuous improvement of process steps thanks to simple data analysis
  • Easy administration and scalability of training materials


  • Standardization of regular inspections
  • Process optimization and consistency increase
  • Always a clear record of the inspection performed
  • Ensuring fast and accurate inspections
  • Save time with each inspection
  • 100% elimination of manual entry errors
  • Elimination of paper checklists
  • Increased security
  • Unambiguous device identification (QR code, RFID, etc.)


  • Effectively direct to specific places and actions using a headset instead of paper prints
  • Improved “picker”productivity
  • Increased picking performance
  • Reduced error rate, 100% accuracy
  • Improved CAPEX compared to scanner technology
  • Achieving a “Paperless Digital Expedition”
  • Substitution or complementary technologies to existing devices

Smart Glasses

Choosing the right smart glasses depends mainly on the environment, how the will be used and user preferences.


Accelerate expedition in Coca-Cola logistics warehouses using RealWear

Exit control in Airbus Helicopters is 40 % faster thanks to smart glasses

Rail Cargo Group technicians inspect railway cars with smart glasses via voice commands

GE Renewable Energy engineers make wind turbines more than 30 % faster with smart glasses


The choice of the right software depends mainly on the planned use, selected glasses and the current IT infrastructure at the customer.