More than 50 companies have already implemented our smart solutions, including large industrial companies in Czechia and Slovakia, medium and small companies, or international companies, which implemented the technology in their branches and divisions in different parts of the world. Read more about our case studies here.

Leading international developer and manufacturer of the most modern powertrain technologies for sustainable mobility.

One of the leading manufacturers of glass flacons and caps for the perfume and cosmetics industry.

Manufacturer of paper napkins for Central and Eastern Europe.

Global player in the field of clean energy technology, particularly in the production of energy through burning biomass and biomass-based waste with over 4,000 references worldwide.

Global leader in the supply of collagen casings and films, used in a wide variety of sausages and other meat products.

A private Czech company with worldwide operations, which specializes in the development and production of a comprehensive solutions for mining transport to ensure the safe and efficient transport of people, material and muck in ore mines, coal mines.

Leading supplier of laser and optical technologies for industry and science in the Czech and Slovak Republics.

The largest producer of mining detonators in Europe and one of the world’s most important manufacturers in the field.

Preferred supplier of thermal management solutions by major manufacturers in the medical, analytical, industrial and telecommunications markets.

Important turnout manufacturer with a long tradition and business activities all over the world.

Process of development and testing of more efficacious drugs and medical devices more efficient while maintaining maximum patient safety in the medical centers of Clinical Research Center s.r.o.

Deals with designing, developing, processing, and related service of monolithic rotary tools, particularly special step drills and form milling tools from solid carbides, micro-tools as well as exchangeable cutting tips of atypical shapes.

Supplier of commodities for the metallurgical industry.

Manufacturer and supplier of cryogenic equipment and solutions for the storage, distribution and end-use of liquefied gases.

Leader in discrete manufacturers automate and optimize production processes through our best-in-class technologies and industry expertise.

The company´s products are single purpose machines, machines with automation, equipment, fixtures, heavy welded and machined components, assembly, customer on-site installations and repairs.

Leading manufacturer of pneumatic, electromechanical and hydraulic brake systems and components for rail vehicles with more than a 200-year tradition.

Czech leading supplier in the areas of compressed air, cooling and heat pumps. Provide projections, sales, assembly and service for the customers.

Global leader in the manufacturing of machines for processing aluminium, PVC and steel profiles.

Traditional manufacturer of rolls for metal rolling, steel and cast iron shaped castings and copper alloy castings.