Software is an important part of the smart solution for remote communication, digitization of processes and work procedures, training or visualization of 3D models. There is plenty of options on the market and the choice of the right software depends mainly on the use case, the type of smart glasses and the current IT infrastructure. We provide professional help with the selection of suitable software.


Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams with smart glasses allows field workers to free their hands while working, thanks to a shared screen, shared files or work procedures.

Dynamics 365 Remote Assist

Immediate cooperation regardless of where the teams are located. Enable technicians to solve problems faster with video collaboration, remote support and information or document sharing.


Dynamics 365 Guides

Thanks to holographic instructions, you can learn directly during work. Dynamics 365 Guides allows you to see images, videos or 3D models.


TeamViewer Frontline

The Frontline Platform is the world market leader in “Enterprise Wearable Computing” and augmented reality solutions, already used by global companies such as BMW, Airbus, Schlumberger, Coca-Cola and many others.

TeamViewer Frontline increases productivity and improves work procedures across industries in logistics, manufacturing, maintenance or service. Connect your employees to increase productivity, reduce error rates and increase quality of products and services.


TeamViewer Assist AR Lite (Pilot)

Support your customers remotely with TeamViewer Assist AR Lite (previously known as Pilot). Increase efficiency of installation, services and maintenance of machines. This augmented reality remote solution allows you to draw, add text, or mark objects with 3D markers.


AR 3S allows technicians to visualize and work with 3D CAD data in an AR and mixed reality. Designed for engineers, this software takes prototyping, production planning, quality control and technical training to the next level.

Other Software

Cisco Webex

Create secure virtual workspaces with the Webex platform for everything you need, from completing short-term projects to solving longer-term business opportunities.


Software Zoom for smart glasses provide video conferences, online meetings and video sharing. This allows remote workers to share what they see with all the users who are connected to the meeting.

In our portfolio you will also find PTC ThingWorx, Vuforia Chalk, Studio, but also other software not only for visualization of 3D data.