Streamline your work with Magic Leap 2

Modern technology constantly shifts the boundaries and possibilities in the workplace. One of the innovations in our portfolio is the smart glasses, Magic Leap 2, which open up a new dimension of productivity and interaction with the digital world. These revolutionary glasses offer transformative possibilities for efficient work and communication in both virtual and real reality.

Revolutionize productivity and interaction

Magic Leap 2 is equipped with advanced sensors and a powerful processor. Hand and eye tracking, voice commands and the innovative Magic Leap 2 Controller provide a wide range of inputs that can be customized to the user’s needs.

One of the benefits of Magic Leap 2 is the ability to work with information directly in your field of view. This eliminates the need to switch between different devices and you can focus on your work without any problems. Plans, data, instructions and even 3D models are displayed directly in your glasses. With an improved ergonomic design and construction, the Magic Leap 2 glasses are comfortable to wear all the time while working.

Wide range of usage

Remote support
Magic Leap 2 allows you to connect experts in real time anywhere in the world. Optimized video collaboration applications, including popular platforms like Microsoft Teams, allow you to share your perspective and work together to solve problems.

Digatal workflows
Smart glasses display visual workflows and instructions directly in your field of view. This allows you to follow the process step by step while keeping both hands free to work. This feature increases efficiency, productivity and reduces operational errors.

3D data visualization
Magic Leap 2 allows you to work with 3D models in a real life. The feature is useful for various industries including product design, project engineering, production auditing, prototyping and many more.

Magic Leap 2 offers new ways of work and communication with its wide field of view and the ability to view even the smallest details. An innovative device opens up the potential to improve productivity and bring a new form of digitalization to the industrial sector.