Smart glasses Vuzix can be used through the touch panel located on the main unit and through voice commands.
The integrated touchpad may not always work properly when wearing work gloves

  • Leight-weight design, easy to wear
  • Advanced see-through display (M4000)​
  • High quality camera with image stabilization and autofocus​
  • Classic glasses over both eyes
  • Warranty only 1 year
  • Weaker battery life​
  • Limited touchpad functionality​
  • No jack connector for connecting headphones​
  • IP67 protection only with basic battery


Smart glasses Vuzix M4000 bring new possibilities for commercial applications when working in the field, in the warehouse but also in production. They have an ergonomic design and a comfortable shape, they are also light, relatively durable and compatible with safety helmets. Their biggest advantage is the see-through display.


The M400 is the next evolution of the M300 series product line. Device with an ergonomic and robust shape, ruggedized to IP67 standards for water and dust. The M400 smart glasses are controlled by both touch and voice commands.


Vuzix Blades are used mainly in leisure activities and are not suitable for use in industrial environment, mainly due to their low resistance and poor support for third-party applications. Vuzix Blades do not work as a separate device, it is necessary to have connected mobile phone.