The technology revolution in logistics

In the dynamic world of logistics, where efficiency and speed are becoming essential for success, manual picking has undergone a technological transformation. Traditional methods based on the use of mobile terminals are gradually giving way to innovative solutions such as voice picking, pick by light and pick by vision. These technologies not only bring greater efficiency and accuracy, but also revolutionise the way warehouse operations are conducted.

Mobile terminals as an outdated standard?

Mobile terminals have long served as a reliable tool for warehousemen, allowing them easy access to important information about goods. Although this technology provides basic functionality, there have been no significant innovations in the last decade. They present significant disadvantages for new workers (more complex onboarding process; do not allow hands-free working) that hinder potential efficiency gains.

Voice picking – voice for efficiency

Voice picking is a technology that allows warehouse workers to receive voice instructions, freeing up both hands to work. While this method increases flexibility and allows you to work more efficiently, it also has its disadvantages. The constant need to listen to the machine’s voice prompts and the potential confusion of picking from multiple products in one place can lead to delays as the worker has to wait for the message to be repeated or for a more specific message about the product.

Pick by light – visual signalling

The pick by light system uses visual signalling to facilitate the work of warehouse workers. Its simplicity and intuitiveness can mean a significant improvement in efficiency, but the application needs to be properly evaluated. Dependence on an external supplier for maintenance and updates to software and hardware can represent a higher cost in the long term.

The future of storage in pick by vision

Pick by vision technology uses smart glasses to display information directly in front of warehouse workers’ eyes, representing a breakthrough in manual picking. It not only offers speed and accuracy, but also personalisation and multi-lingual support. With this technology, warehouse workers have both hands free to work and the ability to easily add product image information. The advantage is that the picker does not wait for anything, but only follows the information with his eyes. Integration with other technologies such as wrist sensors can make the whole process even faster and more efficient.

Innovative solutions in logistics

The integration of innovative solutions such as voice picking, pick by light and pick by vision into daily warehouse operations is a revolutionary change.

These technologies offer not only increased speed and accuracy, but also valuable opportunities to improve worker safety, enhance the work environment and reduce errors. However, the challenge remains not only selecting the right technology for a particular application, but also the ability to adapt to rapidly changing market conditions and technological innovation.

Ultimately, it is imperative that businesses focus on strategic planning and careful evaluation of potential solutions to take full advantage of the benefits these technologies bring. Therefore, the transition to modern manual picking methods is not just a matter of technological advancement, but also a matter of vision, courage and a drive for continuous improvement in the dynamic and competitive world of logistics.

Vision picking in Logistics

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